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When I opened butcher shops in Roslyn and Mattituck, I did it because I loved the life (I’ve been working at butcher shops and delis since I was 15), and I saw these two areas were lacking for a source of high quality meat.

I see the same thing in this area with Florida stone crabs. Personally, I love them—they are my passion and I’m a total connoisseur. I spend a lot of time down in Florida, and I’ve met a lot of crabbers, learned about how the crabs are harvested, and chowed down on claws at best restaurants that serve them.

That’s why I’m so happy to bring this delicacy home to our area. If you already love them, you know how rare it is to find them here. For the uninitiated—I’m surprised how many people I’ve met who haven’t tried them— you’re in for a huge treat.

I’m happy and proud to say we’ve sourced the best, top of the line claws available, straight from Florida, so we’ll have them as long as they last—delicious and super fresh. Just crack them open and enjoy.